First aid for burns

First Aid for Burns in the Workplace

Burns in the workplace can be severe and catastrophic. Every employer or business owner has a duty to assess the potential hazards and risks in their businesses to develop a plan specifically to address first aid for burns. The nature of the business and the work environment play an important role in the identification of potential hazards and risks. (more…)

This cold season, prepare to battle those germs.

Keep the Germs at Bay During Cold Season

It’s cold season! By now, you’ve encountered the sniffling and the coughing of people passing around a sickness you’d rather avoid. While many others are enduring stuffy sinuses this winter, you can take the proper steps to reinforce your immune system so that you don’t catch that bug that’s going around.

Western First Aid and Safety Owner Jim Riggs offers some general guidelines to follow for a happy and healthy season. (more…)

Workplace first aid kits

Are You Compliant? Know Your Workplace First Aid Kit Requirements

There are two organizations you should become familiar with: Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI). These are the organizations responsible for the guidelines to which you must adhere with your first aid supplies in order to be compliant with required standards.

According to OSHA Appendix A, ANSI Z308.1 is the standard basis for the minimum first aid contents required for most workplaces. While some industries may require more than the standard ones, most businesses should consider following the ANSI minimum fill. (more…)